Lord, please save me from Netflix


It all started so innocently. My son, Stacy, suggested I sign up for Netflix and watch some old TV shows.  His first suggestion was Damages with Glenn Close.  Fifty-nine episodes and 42 hours. Then he recommended Friday Night Lights.  Sixty-six episodes and 50 hours. Now I’m hooked on Breaking Bad.  Sixty-two episodes and 47 hours….

Our Favorite Things about the Holidays


Every once in a while, our team of elves take a break from creating good “buzz” for our clients and pause to enjoy the holiday season. We appreciate the great people and companies we get to work with on a daily basis as well as the small details that make this time of year special…

What’s the future of Buzz12 without Phyllis Neill?

Phyllis Neill

Here’s the blog I thought I would never write. Many of you have heard my story how two strangers met at 7:59 in the morning on August 5, 2009, at the Starbucks in Vestavia Hills.  I wrote about it in my blog, “A social media love affair.”  Phyllis Neill, who I didn’t know at the…

How I used social media to see Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Degenerous bucket list

This blog post is dedicated to my daughter, Melanie Martin, who taught me everything I know about getting what you want out of life.  When she was five years old she made up her mind she was going to attend Florida State University and star in the Flying High Circus.  (My daughter Melanie ran off…

Song of the South


There’s something about fall in the South that really makes me appreciate being a Southerner.  Lately I’ve actually caught myself stopping to slow down long enough to enjoy the crispness in the air, the front porch lights glowing earlier than usual and fall foliage that never seems to linger long enough.  Maybe “celebrating” another year…

More people see your Facebook posts than you think


Let’s divide people into four categories: *Heavy Facebookers *Moderate Facebookers *Occasional Facebookers *People who don’t understand nor care about Facebook I am a Facebook regular, but I’m definitely not a heavy user. I’m really more about LinkedIn than Facebook. I’m always being told, “I’m sure you saw the Facebook pictures of my ________.” (children, cat,…

I Love Email and You Can’t Change My Mind

I was recently in a meeting with a client and a group of their associates where we were talking about the email newsletters we create and send out for them every month. Everyone really likes the newsletter, and it always has an awesome open and click rate, but the topic morphed into a more general…