I Love Email and You Can’t Change My Mind

I was recently in a meeting with a client and a group of their associates where we were talking about the email newsletters we create and send out for them every month. Everyone really likes the newsletter, and it always has an awesome open and click rate, but the topic morphed into a more general…

I want to be Anoop

Anoop Mishra

No matter how many “likes” my wife or I get on Facebook, we always joke that Anoop Mishra will get more. Anoop is a Facebook superstar. I can remember the first time I met Anoop.  He was a Birmingham Southern College student interning at Operation New Birmingham (now REV Birmimgham).  He was sitting in his…

A quote from David


Appeal to the Persona, Not the Person


I’m twenty-five, which means I’m a Millenial. I’m a narcissist, impatient, and, of course, I think I’m something special. Oh, and I’m ungrateful.   While I’m a firm believer in not judging people, I am in marketing. Social media marketing for that matter. So for that reason it’s my job to figure out my audience…

Killing Jesus

Bill O'Reilly

It seems every time I turn on the TV, I see another interview with Bill O’Reilly talking about his new book, Killing Jesus. O’Reilly is a promotional genius.  He decided to write a book about the most famous person ever to live on earth and give it a provocative title.  This was the next logical…

Phyllis’ words of wisdom

know your competition

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Twitter LOGO png

In a recent cover story, the Birmingham Business Journal (BBJ) identified 40 Birmingham executives that are on top of their Twitter game. As more and more business professionals are turning to Twitter to share their company’s insights and information, this was a list that immediately caught my attention.