Phyllis’ words of wisdom

know your competition

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In a recent cover story, the Birmingham Business Journal (BBJ) identified 40 Birmingham executives that are on top of their Twitter game. As more and more business professionals are turning to Twitter to share their company’s insights and information, this was a list that immediately caught my attention.

My Facebook Post Got More Likes than Yours

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If you ever put yourself out there on social media, it means that you’re constantly in competition with others, whether you want to be or not. How many views, how many likes, how many comments, how many fans or followers. It can be good and bad. As a member of Generation Y (aka, the dreaded…

Words of wisdom from David:

forget the basics

I won the lottery!

David age 9 months

I won the lottery—and—guest what?—you won it too. Think I’m crazy? I know something most of you don’t. So why am I so smart? Today is my 70th birthday. There’s something that has happened to me in the past few months that will happen to you one day.

Can Saban’s Process Build Your Brand?


Buying into the Process is something Coach Saban preaches. He loves talking about and explaining the process, probably because it’s something he’s passionate about and truly believes works for his team. Saban’s Process is quite simple, he tells his players it’s not about the end result, but what it takes to get there, hence why…

A great quote from Phyllis: