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3 trends in digital marketing that will blow your socks off.

Phyllis Knock your socks off

I recently learned 3 facts about digital marketing trends that literally blew my mind. A few weeks ago, I attended DemandGen‘s first-ever “B2B Content To Conversion” conference, the first of its kind devoted entirely to business to business content marketing, and lead generation/lead nurturing (the sessions are videotaped and archived here if you want to…

Playing doctor: examining keywords to win more business

Buzz engine screenshot

My friends and family jokingly call me “Dr. Neill” because I attempt to diagnose everyone’s illnesses with Google. (In my defense, WebMD can be pretty darned helpful sometimes).

Using Linkedin to increase your website traffic by 25%

Buzz12 loves Linkedin

I was comparing all of our client’s Google Analytics recently, looking for trends. I discovered that on average, 25% of all their organic website traffic is referred straight from Linkedin!!  Staggering number, huh!  Just one of the many reasons Buzz12 LOVES Linkedin. Here’s what we do to make that happen for them:

10 best ways to get prospects to your website


Would you agree that if you increase the volume of targeted traffic to your website, you stand a better chance of getting that traffic to do business with your B to B company? If yes, then you’ll be interested in reading this article by There are 10 suggestions they make as to some pretty…

I fail in this area

Phyllis fail1

Did that headline make you think of something you fail at? I hope you were thinking “oh gosh, PLEASE tell me that you fail in the same way that I do so I feel less bad about my abilities!” I have to admit, I look forward to feeling better about myself when I read how…

6 steps to an awesome blog post

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Imagine you’ve just finished writing a really nice white paper for your business.  Now, imagine that you’ve been tasked with writing your company’s first blog post.  Do you have any idea how to get started? There is a profound “style” difference between a white paper and a blog post.  And you really need to understand…

No one cares what you have to say.


Have you gone through the motions of “getting online” but now you don’t know what to say? Well, you are not alone. Not knowing what to say online is probably the #1 reason why… Your digital marketing strategy has failed, or Your digital marketing strategy never got off the ground.