Kiss your career good-bye without this tool

In 2008, when I set up my first LinkedIn profile, I had no idea what was coming.

At the time there were many social media platforms being created. Who could possible know the future of any one?

LinkedIn had 25 million members; today there are 187 million—a 7 times increase. Professionals are joining LinkedIn at the rate of one every two seconds. LinkedIn added 50 million members in the past year alone.

There are over one million groups on LinkedIn and more than two million company pages.

The number of posts doubled since last year and LinkedIn has grown to be the 26th most popular website in the world.

And the way people are viewing LinkedIn is going through a major transformation. Ten percent of views were from mobile devices last year—now it’s 23%.

LinkedIn recently revised its home page and has developed a completely new profile page. (You can update your LinkedIn profile now or you can wait for LinkedIn to update it over time)

Many people are predicting that LinkedIn will ultimately replace “the resume.” Many job candidates are applying for jobs just by clicking on the LinkedIn button of a company website. And millions of people are being found by recruiters and companies searching for talent—even when they are not looking for jobs.

Most amazingly, professionals are updating their LinkedIn profiles on a regular basis. When’s the last time you did that with your resume?

The objective of LinkedIn is to connect talent to opportunities. Not just job opportunities but to strategic partners, funding, and vendors with specific skills.

No forward thinking company would try to do business without a website; no forward thinking professional should try to do business without LinkedIn—that is your personal website.

LinkedIn is the preferred vehicle to connect, find, and be found.

It is now mandatory for your career and business.

David Sher is a partner in Buzz12 Marketing. You can read more of his posts by looking for the “David Sher Posts” category in the sidebar of Buzz12’s website.


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