My stupid New Year’s resolutions

I am a list-maker at heart.  So during this time of year, you know I already have my list made of my top New Year’s resolutions.

However, New Year’s resolutions have become passe of late. Everybody does them; nobody follows through.


So here they are:

1.  Email less, phone more.  Being 45 years old, I am “generation email”.  It’s the fastest, easiest way to communicate at whatever time of day you want.  I struggle to remember that a large portion of my client contacts are “generation telephone”.  How my clients want me to best communicate with them is a discovery I will make in 2013.

2.  Less paper, more digital.  I am very guilty of printing out reams of notes and emails, even though I have captured them digitally.  It’s difficult to let go of the tactile feeling of pen to paper.  However, it wastes time, not to mention trees.  So, I will learn to live with more digital notes, and become comfortable without so much paper.

3.  No more stress eating.  It’s ok to include my personal New Year’s resolutions too, right?  Well I am really bad about picking up food as a substitute for stress.  In the new year, my goal is to add other habits for stress relief instead of eating.  These include meditation, lighting a candle, taking a short walk, and poking needles into my voodoo dolls (I’m really only halfway kidding with that one).

4.  Face-to-face beats phone-to -phone.  My ultimate goal is to spend more time in front of my clients.  We’ve grown so much that it’s no longer possible for me alone to visit each client, so I’ve got to spend more time trusting my staff to make more face-to-face meetings.  Our team being hands-on is one of my biggest goals in 2013.  Our wonderful clients deserve nothing less.

5.  Get better at the little things.  Handwritten notes.  Small gifts for no reason.  Coupons for favorite restaurants.  Thoughtful recommendations.  The old adage is “the little things are the big things”.  I vow to get better at reminding my clients why they are so important to me with these little things.



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