Skip The Recession…A Success Story Using LinkedIn

How a house painter avoided the recession by using networking and LinkedIn:

All of us remember Susan Boyle, the middle aged frumpy woman from England who became an overnight singing sensation on Britain’s Got Talent.  In a matter of days, because of YouTube, she became the most famous person in the world.

I don’t think any of us in business has the desire to be the most famous person in the world, but it sure would be nice to be known in our own market place.  Well, I’ve got a great story for you.   It’s about a young business man who is doing everything right.

It was my responsibility to find a speaker for our Chamber who knew how to use the Chamber to build his or her business.  A fellow was recommended because he comes to everything.   But what surprised me is this man is not an accountant or an attorney.  He is a house painter.   When I called him, he surprised me by answering the phone.  He accepted my offer to speak, but then told me since it was raining he was at home calling prospects.

He invited me into LinkedIn & then told me a story that blew me away.  On LinkedIn, we all have the opportunity to list three web sites.  Most people put their company web site…which he did also.  But in addition, he included a link which he calls “Painting Answer,” and when you click on it, you go directly to the Better Business Bureau site where he is featured with an A+ rating.   He told me he solicited a LinkedIn recommendation by the President of the Chamber that drove people to his LinkedIn profile, where they then clicked on “Painting Answer.”

The BBB told him he had 340 hits on their site the first week.  It’s no wonder this fellow painted 140 homes last year, and this year, with a terrible economy he has not laid off a single person.

By the way, his name is Ben Zito from Cherokee Hills Painting.  Ben doesn’t know there’s a recession, because he knows how to use traditional and social media to build his business.

I’m David Sher, your e-Networking Guy, saying it’s not what you know, but whOO you know.

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