Thanksgiving and cancer free

Ina-Mae 12 Thanksgivings ago

I came home from work late Friday afternoon a little over twelve years ago and found Ina-Mae lying in bed in the dark softly sobbing.

She whispered to please listen to a voice message that had just been left.

It was a message from her doctor’s office which began, “About that spot on your lung…”

Ina-Mae had been diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks earlier. Evidently when she went to the hospital to take all the needed tests for surgery, they found a spot.

Our regular doctor had left for the weekend and another doctor in his office called to leave this painful message. Since it was the beginning of the weekend we were left with no option but to agonize and wait for Monday morning.

The spot on her lung turned out to be nothing, but Ina-Mae endured a thirteen hour surgery and several months of aggressive chemotherapy.

Today Ina-Mae’s happy and healthy.

It has been said that you don’t know what is good or bad at the time it happens.

Now I’m not going to try to sell you on the concept cancer is good, but there is no question that cancer strengthened our marriage.

There’s not been one day since Ina-Mae was diagnosed that I have taken her or our marriage for granted.

And I learned that each day is a gift and should be treated that way.

There’s a tendency to concentrate on what we want, but we should concentrate on what we don’t have that we don’t want.

This Thanksgiving let’s give thanks for all our blessings—most of which we probably take for granted.

(If Ina-Mae were writing this she would recommend regular mammograms.  She feels she wouldn’t be alive without one)

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