Are Your Friends On Facebook Superficial?

I have a female neighbor who’s probably close to eighty years old.  She lives by herself & doesn’t get out very much.  I know that because I often see her at her front door waiting for the mailman.  When the mail arrives she’s often in her bathrobe.

I think about her & other seniors as I get older myself.

We may become less mobile & more isolated; not able to see our children or grandchildren as often & visit less with friends.

That being said, I really feel that those of us who have a variety of Facebook friends will feel less secluded.

I constantly see the media point out that Facebook friends are superficial.  I don’t buy that superficiality for a minute.  Oh it’s true, I’m not close with many of my Facebook friends, but I’m not close with many of my off line friends either.  Just like in real life, there’s a large variety in the depth of relationships.

Many of my Facebook connections are relatives or strong personal friends.  I am able to regularly view pictures & videos of my grandchildren who don’t live in town.  Facebook therefore allows me to be closer to my children & grandchildren.

But I’m also closer to other family members, neighbors, & business associates.

Last week I received a hand written personal note with a gift card attached from one of my Facebook friends thanking me for all the support I had given him through out the year.  We see each other only once in a while, but we keep up with each other almost daily on Facebook.  There’s no question that Facebook allows me to deepen my friendships & relationships.

The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is 75 years old & older … & for good reason.  Facebook or whatever social media that will take its place will be everyone’s way of staying in touch with others.

This is David Sher, your Buzz12 guy, saying it’s not what you know but whoo you know.

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